Why EDUA Group?

Teach for the biggest private educational group in the Czech Republic. After a successful interview at Tutor, you will automatically join the team representing two language schools, not just Tutor but also Caledonian School; so do not hesitate and send your CV and cover letter via e-mail right now! We are looking forward to meeting you.

You can also find current job offers on the website of our sister school Caledonian School.

Here you can find the main reasons why it might be a good idea to attend an interview at EDUA Group:


EDUA Group belongs among the largest private educational companies in the Czech Republic. Even though it was only founded back in 2010, its individual brands have a much longer history; Caledonian School was founded in 1992 and Tutor in 2001. Since its foundation, EDUA Group has become a leader in the educational market. Caledonian School is also a member of the Association of Language Schools (AJŠ) that groups together the best language providers in the Czech Republic.

Our team is international and consists of approximately 800 teachers from various parts of the world, as well as from the Czech Republic. Even at this size, we always treat each of our teachers with an individual approach. Our motto is that „every teacher is crucial to us,“ and therefore it is our priority to create a working environment that supports their professional development.

Variety of Lessons

In EDUA Group, you will be teaching for two language schools. Thus, there are a lot of courses to choose from. In general, you will be teaching two basic types of courses depending on which language school organises the course.

Lessons EDUA Group

Teachers’ Freedom

In EDUA Group you will have the option to work full-time (at least 84 lessons per month, 1 lesson lasts 45 min) or part-time. Part-time teachers usually teach around 15 lessons a week (but this is purely their own decision), teachers with full-time schedules usually have between 22-30 lessons a week. It is always better to start slowly, with fewer lessons (this will give you more time to plan your lessons and get used to the job) and then gradually add more lessons.

The amount of money you earn depends on the number of hours you teach and the structure of your lessons. We will never force you to take lessons you do not want. In the induction period, we will send you a proposal of your first schedule and you can freely choose whether you want to accept it fully or only a part of it. Thus, you are the master of your schedule and you can easily count up how much you will earn at the end of the month.

Academic Support

Teachers are a keystone of our work and a prerequisite for a high standard of teaching. Therefore, we try to make our teachers feel supported, respected and efficient by creating a suitable environment and engender motivation for further development within the Caledonian School Academy.

Language teachers in EDUA Group are looked after by our Academic Management Team consisting of the Academic Manager, two Directors of Studies, an Academic Team Leader, Academic Consultant and HR Specialist. New teachers are observed within their first four months of teaching and they always receive feedback after an observation. The Academic Management provides methodological support and organisational help. We also encourage peer observations of other, more experienced colleagues.

The members of our Academic Department will always be at your disposal. Should you have any questions regarding teaching, methodology or students, we will gladly help you.

Teachers’ Development

In addition to regular observations and support in the form of mentoring we run regular methodological workshops and specialized programs such as Teaching Business English and Teaching Cambridge Exams. Teachers also receive a Professional development certificate if they attend at least six workshops in an academic year.

Examples of workshops organised in the past:

  • Effective error correction
  • Preparing students for FCE and CAE
  • Teaching business with fun
  • Warmers, fillers, wrap-ups
  • How to use a textbook effectively
  • How to teach conversation classes
  • How to deal with a mixed-ability group

Part of the teachers´ development is also the opportunity to attend any language course in our language school Tutor or anyprofessional course in top vision for free (applies only to full-time teachers, part-time teachers have a 50% discount on any language course).

HR Support

We understand that moving to a new country can be stressful, mainly because of various bureaucratic necessities that must be completed. Our HR Specialist will gladly help you through this process. Whether you want to open a Czech bank account, need help with finding accommodation, set up health insurance, or just translate a Czech document you do not understand – we will always help you personally or provide you with useful contacts that can be of help. We want our teachers to focus on their teaching and not be stressed while living in the Czech Republic.

Conditions for Teachers’ Work

We want our teachers to have all the necessary conditions possible so that they are able to prepare for their lessons efficiently. In our main building in the centre of Prague, there is a teachers’ room with computers, printers and copiers at your disposal. Moreover, we have a library with more than 3000 different teaching resources. The classrooms on our premises are always equipped with laptops, projectors and whiteboards.

As the job of a teacher is connected with a lot of travelling, we reimburse travel expenses to our full-time teachers.

Social Life

We realize that getting used to the Czech environment can be difficult for new teachers. The EDUA Group team is always ready to help and assist with things that are essential for settling into the work environment.

At the same time we organise various social activities (Quiz nights, parties, picnics etc.) and build a community of language teachers to make your life in the Czech Republic easier.

The list of the major benefits we offer you in EDUA Group

EDUA Group major benefits