Czech for foreigners, 5 x 4 lessons per week (680 lessons)

3. 9. 2018 - 28. 6. 2019, Po, Út, St, Čt a Pá | Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 12:20
Intenzivní – 2x týdně a více (jedna lekce trvá 45 minut, celkem 680 lekcí)
Praha 1, 5, 6, 8 - - Praha
Kód termínu: JS11042766
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Not only will you learn to use Czech, but you will also get these bonuses:

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Course type:

  • intensive course running 5 x 4 teaching lessons a week
  • 680 teaching 45-minute lessons in total
  • the course is designed to take you from 0 level to the CEFR B2 level
  • the course can also serve as a preparation for the state language examination
  • you do not need any previous experience with learning Czech
  • the course is based on the communicative approach (students communicate in the target language)
  • highly interactive classes, students work in pairs or small groups
  • the emphasis is placed on the development of all language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
  • grammar is taught in context (students themselves elicit grammar rules)
  • students acquire new vocabulary from context (pictures or authentic materials)
  • the emphasis is given to controlled conversation
  • maximum number of students per group is 18


  • the course is taught by experienced, qualified and certified Czech native teachers
  • we reserve the right to change teachers of courses
  • Textbooks used depending on level:
    Čeština Express: 1,2,3 (A.1 – A.2)
    Česky krok za krokem: 1,2 (A.2 – B.2)


Students are subject to at least two major tests during their studies.
1. Mid-term testing – written test
– End of January/beginning of February
– Students write a test covering all the skills required in the first semester (reading, writing,
listening, use of languge).
– Result is included in the final certificate.
2. Final test – both written and spoken form
– beginning/middle of June
– The most important and biggest test also including oral part consisting of four different
parts (similar to a Cambridge speaking exam)
– Result is included in the final certificate.

Course durability – 680 lessons
Duration – 3 September 2018 – 28 June 2019
Tuition fee – 30 000 CZK

In Czech:

Kurz je určen především cizincům, kteří se nikdy nesetkali s českým jazykem, chtějí se jej naučit od základů a dosáhnout úrovně B2. Výuka je vedená kvalifikovanými českými lektory převážně v cílovém jazyce podle zásad komunikativní metody s důrazem na gramatiku vyučovanou v kontextu s reálnými situacemi.

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